Chaining is adding more than one entry/item to input in order to submit them all at the same time. Anytime you submit input to Noopsi you can chain. So if you are in the middle of editing an item and you think of something else to add, you can chain it onto the end of the item and it will be added also.


Let's chain two items that don't belong to any entries, followed by two entries with some items.

- This is the first item
it doesn't belong to any entries.

_This is the second item
it is private and doesn't belong to any entries

public list this entry is public and has 2 items

_ This is the first item in the first entry
it is private, which means only the user that created it can see it, even though
the entry that it belongs to is public.

-This is the second item in the first entry
it is public, which means anyone viewing this entry will see this item

contact John Doe

-Business phone