Noopsi Press FAQ

What the heck is Noopsi?

Noopsi is a life organizer, a place to put all the random stuff in your life you want to remember, from dates you don't want to forget to a list of movies you want to see. Noopsi is trying to blur the lines between your calendar, blog, todo lists. We want to be your one stop shop for random information you want to remember.

Doesn't the world have enough todo lists?

Probably, but most todo list applications want you to learn their way of doing things. Noopsi simplifies that by allowing you to work the way you always have. Noopsi uses a special syntax that allows you to quickly add thoughts and dates. That means no spending five minutes trying to save a date or filling out a bunch of input boxes just to save a quick thought. Think of Noopsi as a smart notepad that allows you to organize your thoughts and schedule when you think of it, not when you get around to it.

So is that the only way you're different?

No, Everything added to Noopsi can be syndicated to other places using RSS, iCAL, and even plain text. You can share your stuff with other Noopsi users easily for collaborative list building. You can even let people who don't have accounts add to your lists. We have a full REST and XMLRPC api so you can create and edit lists using tools you are already familiar with like Windows Live Writer or the Wordpress iPhone app.

Why did you choose the name Noopsi?

Well, since the double-o seemed to work for Google, Yahoo, and Facebook, we hope it will work for us also. Plus, we liked the sound of it.

How are you going to make money?

While basic accounts will always be free, Pro accounts are coming that will offer features such as secure SSL connections and the ability to store your your stuff encrypted so you can keep it absolutely private. We will also experiment with advertising on the basic free accounts.


We are a bootstrapped startup.

How many employees?

Two. Jay Marcyes is the chief coding Poobah, while David Litster is the chief network Poobah.


here is a logo:


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We were inspired to write this Press FAQ due to this post by Marshall Kirkpatrick.