The Noopsi Search


While you can just type into the Noopsi search box, there are also some neat tips and tricks to make your search more specific. Noopsi uses an @syntax and modifiers to refine your search.


Use quotes to search for a specific string.

"pizza without anchovies"

use the plus sign to search for stuff that absolutely contains a certain word.


Use the minus sign to search for stuff that absolutely does not contain a certain word.


Modifiers can be combined.

+pizza -anchovies


@item to search just your items.

@item pizza

@tag to redirect to your tag page for the given tag(s).

@tag pizza

@entry to search just your entries.

@entry pizza

@list to search just your lists.

@list pizza

@contact to search just your contacts.

@contact pizza

@username to search a specific Noopsi user.

@username pizza

@ to search all Noopsi users.

@ pizza

@add to add to your Noopsi account using the search bar.

@add I feel like some pizza for tonight

Custom Searches

Custom searches allow you to search other sites from any Noopsi search bar.

How-To Create a Custom Search:

  1. Visit the website you want add.
  2. search for the term: noopsisearch
  3. Copy the search url from the website into the "Search Url" box to the left
  4. Type a simple keyword (no spaces) in the "Keyword" box that will activate your new search.
  5. Once saved, just type "keyword searchterm" into the search bar while logged in and see your new custom search in action.

Custom Searches Everyone Has:

  • a to search
  • d to search
  • e to search
  • g to search
  • gm to search
  • tv to search
  • wk to search
  • y to search
  • yt to search

You can set up custom searches by visiting your custom search settings.