arrow 6 August 2009 by litster audacity views

Audacity lets you view sounds in several ways
waveform view:
pitch view:
spectrum view:

arrow 19 January 2010 by litster All I need to know about life I learned from Avatar:

1. Corporations are evil. 
2. Marines are evil. 
3. Ex-military contractors are evil, unless they are cripples. 
4. Scientists are good. 
4. George Bush is evil. 
5. Marines are too stupid to check who swiped the escaped prisoners out. 
6. Maybe the Ewoks did stand a chance, after all.
7. Even though the Navi have "carbon-fiber" skeletons, apparently 4 or 5 shots from an assault rifle, or one well placed board are all you need to take them down.

It was a decent movie, though.

arrow 23 March 2010 by litster I want to unfollow my used car dealer. :(

WTF?  Austin BBC World Service 3/17 18:47

While listening to a recent BBC news podcast, I heard about a recent present that used car owners in Austin got; cars that would randomly start honking their horns or refuse to start entirely.  It seems that this dealership put some kind of remote (probably via cell networks) device on all of the cars they sold and a disgruntled former employee, Omar Ramos-Lopez, decided to take revenge by logging into the dealership remotely and activating the system on over 100 cars.  


This is not a computer security story, or a "Admins gone bad" story, this is a privacy rights story, as in "My two-bit USED CAR dealer can stick a GPS Tracking/Data Transmission/horn honking/CAR DISABLING  remote control device in MY freaking car!" (Granted, I don't know relevant case law about items you are paying off/leasing, but I doubt they magically disable such crap on the day of your last payment.)

Where is Congress!  Where is the EFF!  Did those poor people in Austin only buy a "license" (MPAA/RIAA) to drive their car, or is it their right as an American Citizen to not be spied on without a COURT ORDER!

I suppose people shouldn't be worried about being spied on or have their car DISABLED randomly if they have nothing to hide, right?

I guess I shouldn't be worried about this if I have nothing to hide, right?

This is ridiculous and frightening.  Forget waiting for the spiffy touchscreens and magic hand-waving from Minority Report.  People in Austin are driving their used cars today.

BTW, you guys are freaking awesome.  Thanks for your rants against the RIAA/MPAA/DRM/ACTA Gestapo.

Who hot elves (anagram for Love the show).

Other links:

23 March 2010 by litster china internet blocking is like the AOL internet of the 90's *sarcasm*

arrow 25 March 2010 by litster Wii Netflix

Netflix streaming is coming to my Wii tomorrow.  I wonder how it will do.

arrow 26 March 2010 by litster - Terrorists Could Use Explosives in Breast Implants to Crash Planes, Experts Warn

oh wow, Strap me Naked to a board!

arrow 26 March 2010 by litster TWiT 239/Transcript - The Official TWiT Wiki

Molly Wood Well, AT&T really staked a lot on it. We were talking about this on Buzz Out Loud today like they really realize that they could not afford, just PR-wise, another geek apocalypse like they had last year. You cannot have everybody whose on the cutting edge of smartphone purchasing and being online on the smartphone device talking about how crap AT&T is. So they really doubled down on it and it’s paying off.

Robert Scoble They did. One of the exec’s pointed to all the portable towers, at one of the parties I was at, and they put a lot of portable towers and a lot of brand-new antenna technology and brand-new software for the network and brand-new trunk lines that they brought into the town.

Tom Merritt

That’s great for PR and it will keep them from getting some bad press, but it doesn’t fix the problems elsewhere because they can’t bring a portable tower to every single place they have issues.

Robert Scoble True and in fact the same executive said, see those antennas, they are six foot and in San Francisco we are only allowed to use two or three foot antennas and we can get six times more capacity on these six-foot antennas but the city doesn’t let us put them in. So the geeks need to help us out and help get cities to put more networking infrastructure in. 


Robert Scoble When you go out on a tower – I was taken out on a tower. There is one fiberoptic to the tower. So if you’re saturating that, that link into the tower or whatever it’s gone. There’s only so many connections that it can keep. It’s a Wi-Fi problem. We have these problems with Wi-Fi at every conference, right. It’s expensive and difficult to deal with a lot of people who are all using their devices and all using a lot of data at the same time.

arrow 9 October 2010 by litster Windows Live Writer and uploading pictures to Wordpress

arrow 25 February 2011 by litster english faucets

frigid polar flesh destroying water
scalding burning flesh destroying water

arrow 4 March 2011 by litster Game review: Farming Simulator 2011 - PC (From News Shopper)

Being fairly new to PC gaming - but an old acquaintance of farm machinery - Excalibur's Farming Simulator 2011 seemed like a good place to start. Offering something infinitely more exciting than most PC games - the opportunity to drive a tractor - new additions to the gameplay for 2011 include online multi-player mode and cows.

arrow 2 April 2011 by litster article about frequency of certain news items

is this a coincidence?  
or are numbers 1-100 going to be be more or less likely
(adam is a crackpot)

14 September 2011 by litster article about imagemagick and shrinking images

arrow 21 September 2011 by litster windows 8 first impressions

you use your Hotmail password to log in?
I'm sorry, but WTF?

Task mgr is different but nice and clean 

The network slidey thing is really random.  Why two completely different interfaces? 

ah, the start searc thing really isn't gone.  It is just :secret:  you start typing to get the serachfor files and such.  weird.  I don't like the fact that you have to hit "tab" to select what you want to run

at leat the windows+r thing is still there, so ar old favorite like mstsc, msconfig, etc.

soclailite?  what is this?  and why can't I get back to where I was by hitting "esc"  weird.

At least the scroll button on the mouse scrolls this weird app tile thingie.

I wonder if this is gonig to be MSFT Gadgets 2.0.   That was really an idea that didn't really take off.

change user tile.  ok.  Ah.  webcam is nicely supported.  
For heavens sake, MSFT< "tap on screen to take a picture"?

Also, let me bloody use the escape key to go back.

Computer button
GAH!  oh yeah. the ribbon.  hrm.  

IE->windows live photo gallery.  Hmm. click to install silverligt.  Interesting.  I guess IE really ISN'T going to have polugins anymore.  What does this mean for silverlight, I wonder?

Let's see what's installed by default.  Mahjong for my wife?  I suppose not.  Hrm.
Looking at Task Mgr, it's interesting that the "tile" apps are "suspended".  interesting.  

Alarms?  WTF?  On a desktop no less.  Will this be WP7 too?

I see alt-f4 doesn't work in these appy things

let's look at the "store"

oh.  sad day

well.  off to see how fast this thing boots.  I guess.  Or reboot and do something else.  I wonder if windows blows Linux away still?

or not.  how the F do I shut this bloody thing down!?

Oh, I remember that I was supposed to push the power button.  Gosh, MSFT< I know that you want people to think that you're hip, but geez.

Oh really.  It's "left corner, settings, power button?"  really?

About 70 seconds.  The swipe up to unlock thing was a little stupid.  ugh.  but tat was from bios.  let's count from actual control to windows bootloader.

Woah!  third time's the charm, I guess.  10 seconds.  from the "boot from drive" screen Again?

10 seconds again?  actually, 7 seconds to the pull-uppy thing.  wow.  I'm going back to vista to stab myself in my eye while I wait 10 years for it to boot.

gmail. hilarious.  they are using the same design dept.  square is back in.  now more roundy stuff, I guess.  Perfect.  I hate CSS for rounded corners.  Plus all of the magical roundy icons.

arrow 21 September 2011 by litster synergy nirvana /usr/bin/synergys -f --config .quicksynergy/synergy-advanced.conf
section: screens
section: links
		down(25,75) = kona(0,50)
		right(10,100) = kona(0,50)
		up(0,50) = herbert(25,75)
		left(0,50) = herbert(10,100)
section: options
    heartbeat = 5000
		switchCorners = all -bottom-right
		screenSaverSync = true


arrow 23 September 2011 by litster language rosetta stone

next iteration of a loop
check for existence
set, hashtable, array, string
iterate over object

arrow 29 December 2011 by litster i want to pee on steve jobs

installed refit
installed boot camp
installed windows
instal ubunut  (wrong version
installed right version
uninstalled ubuntu, riped out partitions, instaled ubuntu
ubuntu asked me where to install grub. I don't know, install it in ubuntu partitino

codltn boot to windows, obviously tat wasn't the rigt choice
ripped out entire windows partitions using gparted, 
mac freaks out, windows installer (not the rght type of parittion
mac - partition map check failed because no slices were found

booted back into os x for the 100th time to try and get boot camp to recreate the partitions

boot camp complains 

booting to lion recovery failed 

oh lord.  I started taking pictures of this s#$@  this is ridiculous.  

after copiuos reading, decided to wipe the disk from the recovery usb thing. 
made a "time machine" backup and restored that.  that f'ing worked
also made a "recovery usb"

download refit
install refit.mpkg

refit, doesn't show up at first.
run /efi/refit/, or reboot again


the original prblem after having gparted remove my partitions was "windows cannot be installed to this partition" i think because it was a promary somehow.

don't delete partitions using gparted

now windows is booting by default, so, hold option, boot to os x
ran /efi/refit/ to get refit stuf to show up again (bless)

change "starup disk" in os x ss prefences to ms hd to use refit
ten had to run bloody refit again

Thank you.  holy crap.

make sure to set "nomodeset" on the installer.

arrow 23 March 2012 by litster vizio actions

Open up a web page and share it
Go to settings and look up version
Tyoe something on the keyboard
Hold the home button and bring up apps
Pictures in quickpic and gallery
menu button from the home screen
flash browser

arrow 31 March 2012 by litster I love emacs

root@fulton-bofa:~/bankenv/fulton/ws-examples# ./ -f /tmp/template.json -t base_container2
{"attributes":{"moab":{"dependencies":[{"service":"base_vm"},{"service":"base_vm"}]}},"createdBy":"admin","id":"4f7638a57341ce52dd91c91d","includedServices":[],"label":"","modified":"2012-03-30 15:37:04 MDT","name":"base_container2","tags":[],"type":"container","version":0}
root@fulton-bofa:~/bankenv/fulton/ws-examples# ./ -f /tmp/template.json -t base_container2
{"messages":["A problem occurred while processing the request","Expected a ',' or '}' at character 264 of {\n    \"attributes\": {\n        \"moab\": {\n            \"dependencies\": [\n                {\n                    \"service\": \"base_vm\"\n                },\n                {\n                    \"service\": \"base_vm\"\n                }\n            ]\n        }\n        }\n    \"includedServices\": [\n        {\n            \"serviceTemplate\": \"base_vm\",\n            \"localName\": \"1\"\n        }\n    ]\n\n}"]}
root@fulton-bofa:~/bankenv/fulton/ws-examples# ./ -f /tmp/template.json -t base_container2
{"attributes":{"moab":{"dependencies":[{"service":"base_vm"},{"service":"base_vm"}]}},"createdBy":"admin","id":"4f7638a57341ce52dd91c91d","includedServices":[{"serviceTemplate":"base_vm","localName":"1"}],"label":"","modified":"2012-03-30 15:37:04 MDT","name":"base_container2","tags":[],"type":"container","version":1}

char?  M-x goto-char!

22 October 2012 by litster using tcpdump to get wireshark traces

arrow 9 December 2013 by litster are pdf annotations portable? can I annotate a pdf and carry that to another device?

pdf annotations portability - Google Search

read later

arrow 11 March 2009 by litster recursive file copy from windows:

xcopy /S /E c:\Boot d:\Boot

arrow 16 March 2009 by litster e3 2008


Jul 15th 2008


E3 Nintendo Highlights:

More Embarrassment
Animal Crossing
Angry Nintendo Fans
No Game for Core Nintendo Fans

E3 Sony Highlights:

More Promises
Word "Imagine" Said Several Times
MAG: Massive Action Game
CGI Trailer for GOW3
Lies (covered up by even more promises)

First 18 months software units (US):

Wii - 50 million (not including Wii Sports, 45 million not including Wii Sports or Wii Play)
X360 - 28 million
PS3 - 20 million
PS2 - 42 million

Third-party sales comparisons (US):

Wii (3rd party ONLY) - 29.05 million
X360 total (1st and 3rd COMBINED) - 28 million
PS3 total (1st and 3rd) - 20 million

First 18 months hardware units (US):

Wii - 9.5 million
X360 - 5.2 million
PS3 - 4.2 million
PS2 - 8.5 million



Jul 15th 2008


Nah, this is the sort of game where it's just got too ambitious. You may get one or two good games out of this in a lifetime. Where the planets align and people do what the fuck they're supposed to do and the game goes according to plan.

But that just won't happen 9/10 times. Take EVE. EVE tried the same scale with their combat system and that just involves floating in space clicking on someone and it's nigh on impossible to organise the supposed epic battles in that in a pure (ten times more organised) RPG setting.

It's time for a big reality suppository, which is a shame, because in a perfect world. This would be the greatest game ever.
2 hearts

arrow 15 May 2009 by litster "amazon remembers"

someone takes pictures of a book and sends it to the amazon store and you can buy it later?

arrow 15 April 2010 by litster - PC Game Piracy Examined

arrow 19 August 2010 by litster Samsung I5800 Galaxy 3 - Full phone specifications

arrow 2 September 2010 by litster One Piece 585 - Read One Piece Chapter 585 Online Page 1

arrow 1 November 2010 by litster Career Advice and Tips: Slumping at Work? How Athletes Can Spark an Office Comeback -'s_Most_Popular

arrow 8 July 2011 by litster The State of Linux on the Desktop | Adventures in Linux

arrow 13 July 2011 by litster Handy Windows 7's utilities you may not know about | Workers' Edge - CNET News

arrow 8 March 2013 by litster adaptive open tab backup

8 March 2013 by litster acct

follow on twitter

arrow 9 March 2009 by Jaymon

This is a list of the people I follow on Twitter and why, I keep it mainly because I sometimes forget why I followed a particular person, but there was something that made me follow them initially and I want to remember what that was.
my twitter:

arrow 9 March 2009 by Jaymon jeichorn
he built which I use on my blog to thumbnail websites

arrow 9 March 2009 by Jaymon codinghorror
I've read Jeff's almost religiously for so long I almost feel like I know him, his Twitter stream contains tons of interesting links and observations

arrow 9 March 2009 by Jaymon wilshipley
I started following him because codinghorror often replies to him

arrow 9 March 2009 by Jaymon pud
currently runs, though I started following him because he started back in the day

arrow 9 March 2009 by Jaymon leahculver
I started following her because I liked the direction pownce was going and was thinking Noopsi could hook into it, but then she up and sold it to and closed it down.

arrow 9 March 2009 by Jaymon BreakingNewsOn
started following this Reuters/AP like news service when I read about on some technology site, though I get annoyed they retweet the same thing over and over and over again.

arrow 9 March 2009 by Jaymon THErealDVORAK
TWIT is the only podcast I listen to every week, and Dvorak is a regular

arrow 9 March 2009 by Jaymon shiflett
He is a php security guy, I program in php and need to know about security.

arrow 9 March 2009 by Jaymon _spr_
We were in college together

arrow 9 March 2009 by Jaymon mathewi
I read his blog semi-regulary and he was one of the first people I started following, though his recent RT binge has started to annoy me.

arrow 9 March 2009 by Jaymon alexkingorg
he wrote one of the first js libs I ever used: quicktags. I actually still use it on my blog, but it takes a back seat to WYMEditor which I use for WYSIWYM editing of posts.

arrow 9 March 2009 by Jaymon timoreilly
someone I followed on Twitter said Tim O'Reilly always had interesting things to say

arrow 9 March 2009 by Jaymon dlprager
when I used to listen to diggnation I remember his name being mentioned, but can't for the life of me remember why I started following him

arrow 9 March 2009 by Jaymon howardlindzon
discovered who he was through a comment on, so I started following him because he seemed like a more active twitterer than a blogger.

arrow 9 March 2009 by Jaymon AndySwan
found him through howardlindzon

arrow 9 March 2009 by Jaymon gaberivera

arrow 9 March 2009 by Jaymon venturehacks
someone said they had interesting quotes and links for entreprenuers

arrow 9 March 2009 by Jaymon LeoLaporte
host of, the only podcasts I started listening to around 2004 and still listen to regularly, I have actually listened to almost every episode of twit starting from episode 1

arrow 9 March 2009 by Jaymon garyvee
I liked the comments he made when Techcrunch posted a story about going down.

arrow 9 March 2009 by Jaymon wilHarris
he asked on twit for people to follow him, so I did because I like him enough on twit.

arrow 9 March 2009 by Jaymon andrewhorowitz
the disciplined investor, I first heard him on twit, and started listening to his podcast, I think he is one of the best investment guys I have read/heard.

arrow 9 March 2009 by Jaymon fredwilson, I read that blog all the time

arrow 9 March 2009 by Jaymon kevinrose
used to listen to diggnation back in the day when it was good, like though I haven't visited it in ages, decided I would follow him one day not to long ago, though I don't remember why.

arrow 9 March 2009 by Jaymon Heilemann is one of the first blogs I ever read and made me want to have a blog.

arrow 9 March 2009 by Jaymon EffingBoring
found while looking through another twitterer's following list

arrow 9 March 2009 by Jaymon God
found while looking through another twitterer's following list

arrow 9 March 2009 by Jaymon mkapor
I honestly can't remember why I started following him, but he sure loves Obama

arrow 9 March 2009 by Jaymon karj
writes the pretty decent blog which I stumbled across through Hacker News's link to this article: since then I have been a regular reader

arrow 9 March 2009 by Jaymon benmwatson
Came across his blog, liked it, so I started following him on Twitter.

arrow 9 March 2009 by Jaymon textism
he sent this update: and I knew I had to follow him
followed: 2-10-09

arrow 9 March 2009 by Jaymon lazycoder
came across his comment on this site:
and after reading some of his twitters decided to follow
followed: 2-11-09

arrow 9 March 2009 by Jaymon wilw
it's Wil Wheaten, how can you not follow him? Seriously though, I used to read his blog all the time and found it really well written
followed: 2-11-09

arrow 9 March 2009 by Jaymon birbigs
Mike Birbiglia, one of the best comedians around.

arrow 9 March 2009 by Jaymon byualumni
that's where I got my degree, I think it is actually pretty funny they have a Twitter feed.
followed: 2-18-09

arrow 9 March 2009 by Jaymon The Twitter Founders
Why not? I actually used to read Evan's blog back in the day, before Twitter existed.
followed: 2-19-09

arrow 9 March 2009 by Jaymon JasonCalacanis
followed: 2-19-09

arrow 9 March 2009 by Jaymon php

phpc and php developer followed: 2-21-09, found through phpc

arrow 9 March 2009 by Jaymon seidman is one of my favorite blogs, even though he hasn't updated his Twitter since august 2008, I decided to follow him just in case he decides to use twitter again.
followed: 3-1-09

arrow 9 March 2009 by Jaymon photomatt
founder of automattic, which makes wordpress
followed: 3-2-09

arrow 9 March 2009 by Jaymon bwahacker
I started following him after seeing his office:
followed: 3-4-09

arrow 9 March 2009 by Jaymon windley
was one of the CS professors when I was at BYU
followed: 3-5-09

arrow 9 March 2009 by Jaymon anildash
I looked him up when codinghorror left this message:

but I decided to follow him based on this quote:
So, it's not exactly the most profound observation, and I'm far from the first to make it, but it's worth noting again: There isn't that much going on. While the constant flow of information is entertaining and addictive, it is, by overwhelming consensus, primarily filled with bits that are of little to no value. I'm recording this as much for my own future reference as for anyone else's.
followed: 3-6-09

arrow 11 March 2009 by Jaymon Joshu
Joshua Schachter, the founder of
followed: 3-10-09

arrow 12 March 2009 by Jaymon arthouse
originally read about them from this article: and looked them up:
I think it would be cool to go to some of their shows.
followed: 3-12-09

arrow 22 March 2009 by Jaymon Just Jared

Since getting rid of cable, I have missed celebrity gossip, hopefully this makes up for it, found through

followed: 3-22-09

arrow 23 March 2009 by Jaymon exectweets

The only thing that worries me is that I think I follow some of the people that make up this aggregator already, and I am concerned my signal to noise ratio might go way up.


followed: 3-23-09

looks like the account is dead as of 7-22-11

arrow 24 March 2009 by Jaymon Christopher Walken

I heard he was on Twitter on Twit 187 and how can I not follow him?

update: 3-27-09 Turns out he was fake: which is really too bad because I thought he was pretty funny, oh well. Account is currently suspended

followed: 3-24-09

arrow 24 March 2009 by Jaymon CenterNetworks

This was one of the first blogs I ever put in my rss feed.

followed: 3-24-09

I also follow Allen Stern (who is basically CenterNetworks also)
followed: 1-13-10

arrow 26 March 2009 by Jaymon Robjama

I like to follow web entrepreneurs, especially smaller ones since they aren't bogged down with that whole "internet famous" thing

read about him here:

followed: 3-26-09

arrow 28 March 2009 by Jaymon Dave Winer

followed: 3-27-09

arrow 8 April 2009 by Jaymon someecards

my favorite e-card distributor is on Twitter, I'm sad it took me this long to find them
followed: 4-8-09

arrow 11 April 2009 by Jaymon MG Siegler (parislemon)

decided to follow him after looking at his tweets after seeing his mention here:

followed: 4-10-09

arrow 13 April 2009 by Jaymon Alan Sepinwall

A TV critic that has a blog that I read pretty regularly because I like his analysis.

followed: 4-13-09

arrow 15 April 2009 by Jaymon Kevin Smith

because I love all his early movies, and tolerate his later movies

followed: 4-15-09

arrow 16 April 2009 by Jaymon

because I need more celebrity gossip, not less


followed: 4-15-09

arrow 20 April 2009 by Jaymon Trelvix

the guy behind the fake Christopher Walken account

followed: 4-20-09

arrow 22 April 2009 by Jaymon Joshua Stein
I liked his blog (and website) when codinghorror pointed me to it

followed: 4-21-09

arrow 29 April 2009 by Jaymon Kawika Heftel

was at BYU with Kawika back in the day
followed: 4-28-09

arrow 5 May 2009 by Jaymon Otis Gospodnetić

the founder of, the first social bookmarking site I used

followed: 5-4-09

arrow 5 May 2009 by Jaymon Michael Arrington

I always hated the techcrunch twitter account because it was just a mirror of the RSS feed so it is good to see Arrington finally use his own account.

followed: 5-5-09

arrow 5 May 2009 by Jaymon Sharon (my mom)

I didn't realize I wasn't following my mom until she sent me an email asking me why I wasn't.

followed: 5-5-09

arrow 28 May 2009 by Jaymon Weird Al Yankovic

how could I not? Found him through Michael Ian Black

followed: 5-28-09

arrow 13 July 2009 by Jaymon Kortina

found him through this post:

found via Fred Wilson:
"this is the data i needed on thursday night when @arrington questioned my motives thanks @kortina!"

followed: 7-13-09

arrow 13 July 2009 by Jaymon Tiny Buddha

found via:
"RT @tinybuddha "When I'm anxious it's because I'm living in the future. When I'm depressed it's because I'm living in the past."

followed: 7-13-09

arrow 13 July 2009 by Jaymon Allan Grinshtein

so I stumbled on this site via and honestly, the pingwire site is strangely hypnotic watching all the images go by, so I decided to follow because I am interested in seeing what else he might do.

his website:

followed 7-13-09

arrow 14 July 2009 by Jaymon Jay Rosen

finally bit the bullet and followed him after seeing his name pop up again and again with my followers and looking for more information on this RT

followed: 7-14-09

arrow 20 July 2009 by Jaymon Mark Hendrickson

I found him through 
"!@joshu this is exactly what my startup is about =) happy to share more; we're pre-launch"

which was a response to joshua schachter's observation:

"wish there was a way to indicate a planned future event to twitter so i could see/aggregate what my friends are up to."

Noopsi can already do something similar to this because of its date parser but I am intrigued by his startup and want to keep updated

followed: 7-20-09

arrow 2 August 2009 by Jaymon Ted Dziuba

yeah, I think he's funny, a hypocrite, but a funny one none the less


followed: 8-2-09

arrow 4 August 2009 by Jaymon Rich Franklin

What can I say? I'm a fan.

followed: 8-04-09

arrow 23 August 2009 by Jaymon Rafatali

found via this tweet:
"I haven't run a media empire, @rafatali. Not even once! But I do have a PhD in media studies. Would it be okay if I offer a few criticisms?"

followed because of this tweet:
"At the cost of repeating: those who can, do, those who can't, discuss the future of journalism."

arrow 3 September 2009 by Jaymon Space Avalanche

one of the best web comics around

followed: 9-3-09

arrow 12 September 2009 by Jaymon Troy Marcyes

followed: 9-11-09

arrow 30 September 2009 by Jaymon Bram Cohen

the creator of BitTorrent

followed: 9-30-09

arrow 5 October 2009 by Jaymon David Black

followed: 10-5-09

arrow 24 October 2009 by Jaymon Marcy Playground

and they have a new album out that I didn't know about, I am really mad Dee and I missed their concert pass through SLC.

followed: 10-23-09

arrow 26 October 2009 by Jaymon kurt sutter

the guy who created Sons of Anarchy, one of my favorite dramas on TV. Found via:

Followed: 10-26-09

arrow 29 October 2009 by Jaymon paulcarr

I think he's pretty funny.

followed: 10-29-09

He quit, and now he's back, but I had to refollow him:

refollowed: 5-9-11

arrow 12 November 2009 by Jaymon Alex Cornell

Mark pointed me to his Twitter, which led me to the ISO50 playlists that freaking rock.

followed: 11-12-09

arrow 2 December 2009 by Jaymon Dave McClure

followed: 12-1-09

what can I say, he loves plancast, so I love him

arrow 2 December 2009 by Jaymon David Thorne

followed: 12-1-09

this was the funniest thing I had read on the internet in a long time: via:

arrow 4 December 2009 by Jaymon Tom Conrad

followed: 12-3-09

because of tweets like this: 
"@jaymon Really truly I'm very impressed with what you've done -- great design, great UX, solves a real problem. Let me know if I can help."

and this

arrow 17 December 2009 by Jaymon VAST

My favorite band of all time, and the only band I've seen live more than once

followed: 12-15-09

arrow 10 January 2010 by Jaymon OMGFacts

followed: 1-10-10 found via the twitter search trends

arrow 14 January 2010 by Jaymon Andrew Warner

his podcast: mixergy has quickly become my favorite startup entrepreneur interview podcast.

followed: 1-14-10

arrow 14 January 2010 by Jaymon Noah Everett

the founder of Twitpic

followed: 1-14-10

arrow 9 February 2010 by Jaymon John Moltz

found via:

his tweets were pretty funny, and I'm a sucker for 140 character wit.

followed: 2-9-10

arrow 11 February 2010 by Jaymon Daniel Fienberg

found him because Alen Sepinwall does a podcast with him and he was pretty funny in it.

followed: 2-11-10

arrow 24 February 2010 by Jaymon Conan O'Brien

followed: 2-24-10

arrow 9 March 2010 by Jaymon Aditya Chadha

ferric from IRC

followed: 3-9-10

arrow 12 March 2010 by Jaymon Marshall Kirkpatrick

one of the writers/editors of ReadWriteWeb

followed: 3-11-10

arrow 12 April 2010 by Jaymon Peter Sauer

Plancast's first employee

followed: 4-12-10

arrow 5 May 2010 by Jaymon The Weepies

followed: 5-5-10 I love this band

arrow 7 May 2010 by Jaymon jeff wood

lead singer for the TSATF, a band I really liked that broke up a few years ago, now he is solo and sings more country/acoustic rock.

followed: 5-7-10

arrow 13 May 2010 by Jaymon Schneier Blog

I've read his blog now and then for years

recently, I loved this post:

followed: 5-13-10

arrow 4 June 2010 by Jaymon BP Public Relations

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saw them in concert last night (6-19-10) in SLC, awesome show, they played for over 2 hours.

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"Funny or sad that @DRUNKHULK may have usurped Jon Stewart as my Most Anticipated Reactor To Events?"

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"This is the 5th time $AAPL has ramped +30% and at a 52-wk hi on earnings day.  3 wks later, its returns were +4.5%, -18.6%, -3.8%, -11.8%."

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and then spent the day reading other posts, great funny stuff.

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"Libraries over frameworks. Code over configs."

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"github doesn't require you to pick a license when you post code? That's unfortunate. Without a license, you have no legal right to use code."

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I liked this tweet: 
"I like smaller regional confs with local speakers. I'd rather hear how someone is actually using something rather than hear an evangelist." which was retweeted by Lazycoder

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developer of Instapaper, this post was awesome:

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I read through his posts about trying to sell one of his companies back in 2007, or maybe 2006 and so I stopped by e very now and again and finally subscribed to his twitter

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Honestly, I have only visited the once, I thought the article was crap, but the comments were good (not good enough to visit again though). But I came across this Twitter account while reading #nerdpickuplines and thought some of the comments are interesting, so we will see if I keep following them

alot of times the Huffpost feed cuts off, so you lose the link, well if you go to then you can find the full link

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update 3-24-09: they changed their name to huffingtonpost, so I am following that one no w, and no longer follow huffpost

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Warren Buffett

"You are neither right nor wrong because the crowd disagrees with you. You are right because your data and reasoning are right."

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Joseph Fahmy (jfahmy) on Twitter

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which someone posted in the aapl stocktwits stream

and I really like this article also:

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Josh Brown (reformedbroker) The Reformed Broker!/reformedbroker

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First World Problems (fiwoproblems)!/FiWoProblems/

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rebuilding the db schema

1 - update config/schema.yml

2 - "php symfony propel:build-sql" from the command line, that will build the correct propel crap from the schema.yml

3 - now, here you should be able to just run "php symfony propel:insert-sql" but I always get a [wrapped: invalid data source name] error that I have no idea what it means, so you can also do:

> mysqladmin -u root -p create DB_NAME
> mysql -u root -p DB_NAME < data/sql/lib.model.schema.sql

obviously you don't have to do the "mysqladmin" command if you have already created the db, and you don't have to worry about the -p (password) if your localhost root has no password. You can also open the XAMPP phpAdmin and import the lib.model.schema.sql file into your db that way.

4 - then, if you changed your schema you will want your model bases to reflect the change, so delete the cache (delete everything in the cache folder) and then run: "php symfony propel:build-all" to rebuild everything, the documentation says to use "php symfony propel:build-model" but that doesn't redo all the base* classes of the model

I got all this from the middle and bottomish part of

propel:data-load in ch16 will also let you import data from a text file, to populate your db

To just rebuild the sql and the classes:

php symfony propel:build-sql
php symfony propel:build-all --classes-only